Rail System

Business Sphere

Project Management
Project Management, Site Management, System Engineering, Project Financing, Material Control, Training, Progress Reports

Material Procurement and Construction Works
Power Supply & Traction Systems, Metarial Delivery, Installation, Test & Commissioning, Trial - Run Operation, Catenary System, Project Management, System Engineering, Lighting System, Earthing System, Cathodic Protection, Stray Current Protection System, LV System Installation, Power & LV Cable Works, Cable Ways & Tranches, Fiber Optic System Installation, Scada Systems

Work Development
Cost Analyses, Market Search, Shipment Plans, Feasibility Studies, Project Development, Organizations

Engineering and Consulting
System Layouts, Operational Concepts, Environmental Appraisals, Signalling & Communications, Depot and Workshop, System Engineering, Stations & Track Alignment, Site Supervision, Factory Inspections, Operating Procedures, Power Supply & Traction Systems

  • Conventional and Rigid Catenary Systems
  • 3rd Rail System
  • Signaling
  • Power Supply and TRACTION Power Systems
  • Radio
  • Public Address (PA) System
  • Data Transmission Systems
  • Radio
  • Telephone
  • CCTV
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Passenger Admission System
  • Safety System
  • Drainage Systems
  • Escalators
  • Elevator
  • Tunnel and Station Ventilation Systems
  • Cathodic Protection / Leak Current Protection Systems

And All Electromechanical Systems


Business Development
Country Concepts, Cost-Benefit Analyses, Market Surveys, Transportation Plans, Feasibility Studies, Project Development, Organizations


Traction Power Supply Systems
The purpose of the Traction Power Supply Systems is to transfer the power from substations to the cehicle (Train). The most extensive use of those systems are;

  • Conventional Catenary Systems
  • Rigid Catenary Systems

Another common system is 3rd Rail System where all three systems have been installed in different projects locally.

E+M, with wide range of Machinery Equipment and experienced stuff is able to design, install and operate the systems.


Signalization Systems
Signalization Systems and equipments are used to control the operation of the trains and to prevent the accidents on the track. The applications of the Signalization Systems are;

  • Main Line Signalization (High Speed Trains, Passenger & Freight Transportation)
  • Mass Transit Systems Signalizations Systems (Metro, LRT, Tramcars)

With its experienced engineers and tecnicians, E+M installing and operating all those signalization systems, with their latest developed technologies of the systems.

Rail Works

Turnkey Project Designs
Track Works and Superstructure Construction
Ballasted Track (Concrete, Wooden, Steel Sleepers), Directly Concrete-Fixed Track, Rail and Switch Installation, Ballasting and Tamping, Aluminothermic Welding and Welding Machine and Butt Weld

Project Management
Materials Checks, Trainings, Progress Reports, Site Management, System Engineering

Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance Planning, Test and Commissioning, Ultrasonic Tests, Sound and Vibration Analysis, Improvement and Maintenance of Existing Rails, Turnkey Maintenance and Improvement

Material Supply
Supplying the entire materials of the Rail Systems

Construction Works

  • Project Management
  • Project Design
  • Cost Analyses
  • Transformer Building Constructions
  • Depot Site Constructions
  • Workshop Building Constructions
  • Infrastructural (Drainage, Waste Water, Rain Water Systems) Constructions
  • Control Center and Administrative Building Constructions
  • Material Supply