About Us

Specialized in Electro-Mechanical System Engineering and having long years of service history in this field, E+M was founded by the General Manager Akın AYDIN in 2001 in Ankara / Turkey to provide services in the field of Rail Systems and Special Industrial Facilities.


Apart from many aims, especially in the rail systems field, E+M encourages local

 production; for the Engineering, Design, Materials Production and Equipments which are all dependant on foreign companies.


E+M has become capable of realizing completely local work with her specialized staff, at short notice. All the Engineering and Design activities are thoroughly realized by E+M for both Main Lines (Conventional / High Speed Train) and Urban Public Transportation Systems (Metro / LRS / Tram).


E+M  supports and will continue to support the local manufacturers for the production of materials in Turkey . All the materials that the sector needs (apart from Signal Interlocking System) are manufactured locally. It is important to point out that the studies about Signalization are also started, which E+M also supports to increase the general local contribution.


Taking as the basis the quality and trust in the ongoing projects, we are further improving the successful vision gained in the field of activity. As a consequence of our co-operations with the long established companies in Turkey and all around the world, we are making greater successes every other day.


In addition to the electro-mechanical systems, E+M has penetrated to the Trackwork business in 2007, which reflected the company’s quality signature to the market, with the experienced staff, high-tech machinery and equipment pool. Since then, E+M has become a worldwide-recognized company by being partners with many foreign companies, and by completing many important projects in its bright past, which proves its strength.


The company also values not only the domestic projects, but also the foreign projects with the trained specialist personnel’s. The machinery and equipment park are always kept up to date according to the fast growing technology, in order to fulfill one of the most important aims of E+M, quality service.


In our projects, we realize the entire spectrum starting from the project design to the manufacture and later to the operation.


E+M‘s experience gained from various projects helps to seek more challenging and complicated projects in the future, while protecting its reliability and credibility.

“The objective of E+M is to provide the best quality services with the most reasonable prices”.