Construction & Rehabilitation of the Line Between Arifiye-Pamukova, Suitable for Speeds Up To 160 Km/h

Starting Date: 15.08.2013 (Part I), 23.06.2014 (Part II)

Ending Date  : 03.07.2014 (Part I), 31.12.2014 (Part II)


The scope of the project is the electrification and rehabilitation of the existing second line between Arifiye-Pamukova, which is suitable for trains with speeds up to 160 km/h.


The first part of the project comprises: the electrification, design, material, and assembly works of the new line which is for trains with speeds up to 160 km/h. This line exists next to the current Arifiye – Pamukova line.


The second part of the project is: the rehabilitation of the line between Arifiye – Pamukova. In this section, the contact wire and the connections of the catenary system were renewed. The project also included the 25km long works of double line catenary system.


The scope of the project was the improvement of the Arifiye – Pamukova existing line, with utilizing the materials and works which are specified in the unit price list. Also, the catenary system of the Arifiye station was renovated within the project.