The Tunnel Works of Izmir LRS Phase II, The Replenishment Works of Izmir Spor Hatay Stations and Part I & Part III Between Bornova Hospital EVKA 3 Stations (Signalling Works)

Starting Date: 07.09.2011

Ending Date: 10.05.2012


The existing Izmir LRTS consists of an 11-km line with 10 stations and a depot operated since 2000. A total of 7,4-km line was added to the existing system in 3 different phases. The Signaling System Installation, Testing & Commissioning works of the additional lines were performed within the scope of the project. The main scope of the project were:


85 km Cable, 52 Ea. Signals, 12 Point Machine & Local Control Panel, 190 Balises, 46 Impedance Bonds, 116 Insulated Fishplates, 232 Track Circuits, Signaling Panels, Rail Circuits, UPS Systems, System Installations, System Integrations and Testing & Commissioning works.