The Construction of Kayseri - Bogazkopru - Ulukisla - Yenice, Mersin - Yenice - Adana - Toprakkale Power Supply and Transformer Substations and Implementation of SCADA System

Starting Date: 15.08.2012


The sections of the Kayseri - Bogazkopru - Ulukisla - Yenice - Mersin - Yenice - Adana - Toprakkale lines are 283.7 Km single track and 143.6 Km double tracks and total is 427.3 Km.


The project consist of six sections. The first five sections comprise the establishment of the catenary system, whereas the the section VI comprises the substations, remote control (SCADA) system and building constructions.


Substations, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) System and Building Construction


9 pieces 154/25 kV substations will be established in the all lines and each substation will has two traction transformers.


A remote control (SCADA) system will be erected to control, supervise and monitor the electrical equipment on the line. Within the project scope, installation and connection of the one control center and 52 remote terminal units will be realized.